Hamid Karman, Hamas burning in the hell of Gaza reality

All eyes are on Paris, the French capital, as leaks of political conversations between intelligence chiefs suggest; The US, Israeli and Egyptian governments, in addition to the Qatari prime minister, indicated that a political agreement with its main broad framework would crystallize in the coming days; An agreement to extend the amount of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip for an agreed period in exchange for an exchange of prisoners to match their numbers.

Today, the Hamas movement stands at the crossroads of a raging conflict, and the chaos and confusion over its political decision to either accept or shun the deal is palpable. The systematic political and media campaign and decisions waged by Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing regime against the Gaza Strip, the Qatari government, and the continued cuts in international funding to UNRWA and the prospect of expanding regional expansionist fronts are increasing. The military stupidity of the Iranian axis militias in the region has forced the Hamas movement and its successor state of Qatar to accept what the US and its allies have agreed to, because they have no other way to negotiate. desire.

◙ The Hamas movement stands at the crossroads of the raging conflict, and confusion and confusion are evident between its political decision to be forced to accept or shun the deal.

Once again, the Hamas movement does not have the luxury of rejecting a written agreement imposed on it in the corridors of the US administration, not because of the reality of the devastation and tragedy experienced by the people inside Gaza, but for reasons related to its fate and the management of the Strip. Hamas and its Qatari and Iranian backers, from the first day of the war, wanted to deliver political messages that ensured it would preserve its power in Gaza, unaffected by the Israeli state of war and its control over Hamas' capabilities. . The movement excludes all its security personnel and members of the al-Qassam Brigades, which are in underground tunnels or outside the Gaza Strip, so that it can later impose its security and administrative control. War, and protecting the pillars of its rule, it saw political, economic and military repercussions.

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Israel and later the US conducted the war game in a way that served its interests and without international political or legal considerations. It destroyed the Gaza Strip and plunged its people into an abyss of poverty, hunger, disease and destruction. Today, it concluded a new exchange agreement to guarantee the return of the remaining prisoners held in Gaza, leaving Hamas to face its inevitable fate. In the face of a hungry, victimized, angry population that will explode in its face and revolt against its rule to end its existence, any Regardless of national or religious considerations, the movement used it as a justification for the war that affected everything in the Gaza Strip, especially after the emergence of resistance movements that began to spread to the rest of the population. The Gaza Strip is a result of conditions in Gaza that were beyond the tolerance of the Palestinian people.

The concrete reality imposed by the war in Gaza is the end of Hamas' rule. Its involvement within the Iranian axis or its identification with Qatari policies will not save it, nor will its popularity in some Arab countries. Or face a belligerent occupying state or a besieged population who feel they alone have paid the price for Hamas' intervention in a regional conflict that does not lead to the liberation of Palestine.

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