Expandable phone model from Tecno.. these are its features

Tecno showcased its vision of the future at MWC 2024 with several innovative prototypes including the Phantom Ultimate.

Last year, the company introduced the Phantom Ultimate, an expandable phone concept.

The phone was only a concept, and was only shown in demo videos, though the company now has some real prototypes and has brought them to MWC 2024.

The Phantom Ultimate may not become a retail product, although it is now a physical device.

The phone comes with a 6.55-inch screen that wraps around the left edge and the screen expands to 7.11 inches with an odd aspect ratio at the press of a button, making it perfect for watching videos or playing games.

Screen expansion takes only 1.3 seconds with this innovative design, which is smooth and comfortable.

Techno's thinking doesn't stop there, as the main and only expandable screen now wraps around the back.

This screen can be viewed through a safety glass window, eliminating the need for a separate screen and increasing efficiency.

The emergence of foldable phones prompted Google to build better support for screens across Android, which changed their size and aspect ratio.

Phantom Ultimate is an example of this, as the user interface and applications easily adjust as the screen expands or contracts, ensuring a smooth user experience regardless of screen size.

The thickness of the device is 9.93 mm, making it the thinnest of any foldable device.

While Tecno is still testing expandable phones, there are two foldable phones in the market, the Phantom V Fold and the V Flip.

The company's engineers were thinking of ways to improve it, and they came up with what they call an infinitely foldable main screen.

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The infinitely foldable main screen is an adaptation of how the ultra-thin glass is attached to the phone.

This allows the manufacturer to reduce the bezel around the screen so that the screen dominates the front of the phone. (Arab Tech News Portal)

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