Cutting funding to UNRWA means US and Western participation in famine and genocide against the Palestinian people.

Hezbollah Central Council member Sheikh Nabil Qaouk stressed, “Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the resistance has the final decision on the ground, and threats will not change the equations, and the disillusioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening Lebanon with his defeated army. Every day is losing its strength and capacity. Its worst. days, is worse than it was in 2006, while the resistance in Lebanon is at the peak of its strength, and better than it was in 2006. Therefore, any escalation of the war in Lebanon means an escalation and deepening of the Israeli defeat and predicament.

“The resistance in the region, its cooperation and coordination, has taken the American and Israeli axis by surprise,” he stressed, adding, “The Americans thought they could provide complete protection to the Israeli enemy with their threats, but the resistance in the region does not care about the American threats, today, after almost four months of war. , whose marches and missiles have not been launched from the south into Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, are not paying attention to all U.S. threats.

“The resistance in the region, with its coordination and cooperation, is close to achieving a historic and strategic victory that will establish new equations and tighten the ropes of the Israeli enemy,” he said. Iraq, Lebanon and Syria once again proved the failure of all American policies in the region, and confirmed the failure of the policy of normalization with the Israeli enemy, and the failure of the American plan to provide security and deterrence to Israel. enemy.”

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“The inability of the United States to provide security for Israeli ships in the Red Sea, and to prevent the opposition from fulfilling its obligation to support Gaza in Lebanon, is evidence of the decline of American prestige and influence in the region,” the decision to cut funding to “UNRWA” is among the century's humanitarian crimes of famine, genocide and humanitarianism against the Palestinian people. And that means Western participation, and that means blockade upon blockade as the United States and the West want to break the will of the Palestinian people, who have faced legendary steadfastness in the face of starvation and war of extermination.

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