Bombardment of villages in southern Lebanon.. Hezbollah attacks on Israeli bases

The Israeli military announced on Sunday that it struck Hezbollah targets in the southern Lebanese towns of Aida al-Shab and al-Atisa.

The army said in a statement: “The air force aircraft struck a Hezbollah military compound in the Ayda al-Shaab area in southern Lebanon and another military infrastructure for the organization in the al-Atisa area after fighters from the 869th battalion. The army) identified the fighters there.

He added, “I observed 3 anti-tank missiles fired in the (northern) Shtola area and Al-Manara mountain in the Galilee.”

It added that the Israeli military “struck rocket launchers and other targets in southern Lebanon”.

Attacks on al-Atisa, Maz al-Jabal and Blida

The National News Agency reported that an Israeli Merkava tank in the “Mizkav Am” colony fired 3 bombs directly east of the city of Al-Adisa.

According to the agency, occupation army artillery also targeted the city of al-Bastan in the western sector with two shells. It indicated that Israeli warplanes had carried out two strikes in the “Tufa” area between Maz al-Jabal and Bilita.

Hezbollah targeted Metullah Colony and Baranid barracks

For its part, Lebanese Hezbollah announced that on Sunday evening, it had targeted a building housing Israeli occupation forces in the Metulla colony, targeting it with appropriate weapons.

Hezbollah fighters targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers near the Baranid base and a building housing occupation forces in the al-Manara settlement.

The party mourned Hussain Ali Arslan “Mustafa” from Taibe city in southern Lebanon who was martyred during the conflict.

Earlier on Sunday, a Syrian worker was wounded and died when Israel targeted a car in West Bekaa, eastern Lebanon, the National News Agency reported.

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This is the first time the Israeli military has targeted West Bekaa since its expansion along Lebanon's southern border began on October 8, 2023.

In the early hours of Sunday, Hezbollah announced that it had been targeted An Israeli military base in the occupied Syrian GolanThis was in response to last night's Israeli bombing targeting the town of Baalbek, deep in Lebanon.

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