Between Annabella Hilal and Hilda Khalifa's jumpsuits there are two different styles. What do you think? (Photos and Video)

No doubt the jumpsuit is amazingDabar is one of the favorite pieces of all women. Just like a dress, we should choose a cut that suits our body shape.

But both Annabella Hilal and Hilda Khalifa chose jumpsuits for their Instagram appearances in the past 24 hours. Both women are tall, Annabella Hilal is 1.86 meters Hilda Khalifa is relatively tall despite her short stature. They are both tall and handsome!

Hilda Califf and Annabella Hilal

Annabella Hilal wore a purple jumpsuit by Elie Saab and Hilda chose a green jumpsuit from the Khalifa brand. Tall marble Signed by the designers Ricardo Audio AndYako Koikochia. No doubt they both achieved that Balance out their body shapes by choosing the perfect jumpsuit for each of them.

Appearance of Annabella Hilal

Annabella Hilal chose a cut that covered her body in the upper part, i.e. a corset from shoulder to waist, with mashala sleeves, and the lower part was paired with relatively wide pants.

Jumpsuit: Eli Chap

Appearance of Hilda Caliph

As for Hilda Khaleef, she opted for a wide, asymmetrically shouldered jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit: Tall marble

Stylist: Cedric Haddad

Jewellery: Best songs by Nadine Kanzo

Hand Bag: Giorgio Armani

It must be said that the style of the jumpsuit for both is really elegant and wonderfully designed and executed to make it confusing to choose the most beautiful one. Relatively tall height and beautiful body. What do you think?

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