At the end of today's session, stock indices in the US fell; The Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.06%.

© Reuters US stock indexes fell at the end of today's session; The Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.06%. – U.S. stocks closed lower on Wednesday, , , and .

By the end of trading in New York, it closed up 0.06%, down 0.17% to around 0.55%.

One stock stood out among today's leading stocks Boeing Co (NYSE: ), which was up 2.81% or 5.66 points to 207.06. On the other hand, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:) was up 1.32% or 5.14 points to end at 393.20 while The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:) was up 1.27% or 1.39 points to trade at 110.81 at the end of the session.

As for the weak performer at the end of today's trade, UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: ) shares declined 2.91% or 14.95 points to trade at 498.47 at the close. Intel Group (NASDAQ:) declined 1.73% or 0.74 points to 41.99 while 3M Group (NYSE:) declined 0.89% or 0.82 points to 91.48.

On the other hand, the best performer on the S&P 500 index was Axon Enterprises Inc (NASDAQ: ), which rose 13.76% to trade at 309.22. Stellar energy Corp (NASDAQ: ) rose 9.68% to end at 170.83, and eBay (NASDAQ: ) gained 7.88% to trade at 47.89.

Among the weaker performing stocks today, we mention Viatris Inc (NASDAQ: ), which fell 7.11% to close the session at 12.29. Resmed Inc (NYSE: ), which lost 3.90% on 173.94 shares Competition Group Inc (NASDAQ: ), which lost 3.78% to close at 35.91 in today's session on the stock market.

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On the other hand, the top performers on the NASDAQ index were Vivani Medical Inc (NASDAQ: ) which rose 270.30% to 3.74 while Envoy Medical Inc (NASDAQ: ) rose 183.06% to close at 3.51. And an arrow vTv Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ) rose about 100.60% to trade at 16.65.

Among the weaker performing stocks today we mention Charge Enterprises Inc (NASDAQ: ), which fell 52.00% to close the session at 0.03. Integrated Advertising Science Holding LLC (NASDAQ: ), which lost 41.46% at 10.01, and SMX Securities Matters Ord Shs Class A (NASDAQ: ), which lost 37.22% to end at 0.22.

The number of shares that fell was unchanged at 73, compared with 1,577 compared to 1,280, with the number of shares closing higher in trading on the New York Stock Exchange. In terms of NASDAQ stock market, 2191 stocks declined, 1240 stocks strengthened their position, while 104 stocks maintained their value.

Axon Enterprises Inc (NASDAQ: ) rose to an all-time high, adding 13.76% or 37.40 points to 309.22. Constellation Energy Corp (NASDAQ: ) rose to a new record high, adding 9.68% or 15.07 points to trade at 170.83. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: ) rose to a 52-week high, adding 1.32% or 5.14 points to trade at 393.20. Vivani Medical Inc (NASDAQ:) soared 270.30% or 2.73 points to trade at 3.74 with a 52-week high. Shares of Charge Enterprises Inc (NASDAQ: ) fell 52.00% or 0.03 points to trade at 0.03, a 3-year low. Integral Ad Science Holding LLC (NASDAQ: ) traded down 41.46% or 7.09 points to trade at 10.01, hitting a 52-week low.

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It measures the implied standard deviation of options on the S&P 500 index, which traded up 3.05% to close at 13.84.

Gold futures for April delivery were down 0.06%, or 1.25, at $2,042.85 an ounce. In other commodities trading, WTI crude oil futures for April delivery fell 0.68% or 0.54 to settle at $78.33 a barrel, while the Brent oil futures contract for May was down 0.82% or 0.68 points. , and closed at $81.98 per barrel.

The EUR/USD pair maintained stability at 0.06% and traded at 1.08 levels, while the USD/JPY pair gained 0.14% to reach 150.71 levels.

Dollar index contracts traded up 0.11% at 103.87.

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