An Eye on the Enemy – From an Israeli Chief…

Israeli Channel 13 reports that more than a hundred days after the war on Gaza, the Israeli government has not yet crystallized a political strategy for the post-war “tomorrow.”

The channel aired Zionist chief of staff Herzey Halevi's dramatic warning to the political leadership: “We face erosion of our achievements so far in war by not creating a strategy for the next day.” The number of discussions in recent weeks adds: “We may have to work again.” In the areas where we ended the fight.”

The Zionist Channel pointed out that the warning comes in the wake of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reluctance to develop a plan for the so-called “day after” after the war, for political reasons and fear of political disapproval within the government.

“We fear that Hamas will reorganize its factions in northern Gaza… It must be decided at what point we want to end the war… The current achievements of the war must be civil integration,” he said, citing security officials who criticized the lack of a political plan.

The channel quoted an official close to Netanyahu as saying: “Many discussions were held in the cabinet on the 'next day' issue, and other discussions will take place… The talk is about a long-term problem. Solved in a second.”

For his part, a spokesman for the Zionist occupation army responded to the channel's question: “He does not comment on what happens in closed corridors.”

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