After describing him as the Bible's devil…Trump uses Shine songs

Singer Sinead O'Connor's heirs on Monday called on Donald Trump to stop using her music at his election rallies, noting that “the late singer considered the former president a biblical devil.”

Trump sang Shaynet's most popular song “Nothing Compares to You” at his campaign events to win the Republican presidential nomination.

In a joint statement, Shaynet's estate and her record label, Chrysalis, demanded that Trump “immediately cease using her music.”

The Irish singer, who died last year at the age of 56, “lived by a strict moral code characterized by honesty, compassion, justice and dignity towards her fellow men,” the report said.

And, “We learned with great anger that Donald Trump is using a popular rendition of 'Nothing Compares To You' at his campaign rallies.”

He continued, “It is no exaggeration to say that Sinead would have been disgusted, hurt and humiliated if her work had been defaced in this way by someone who referred to her as the demon of the Bible.”

The statement continued, “As guardians of his legacy, we call on Donald Trump and his aides to immediately stop using his music.”

Sinead has been an outspoken and vocal critic of the Catholic Church and has been open about her mental health struggles.

Last July, he was found unconscious at his London home and pronounced dead at the scene. The coroner said she died of natural causes.

Sinead joins a growing list of artists who have opposed Trump's use of their songs, including Rihanna, Neil Young, Linkin Park, the late Tom Petty and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

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