A study reveals the dangerous effects of vaping during pregnancy

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A new study shows that using e-cigarettes or nicotine patches during pregnancy is not associated with adverse pregnancy events or poor pregnancy outcomes. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London suggest that pregnant mothers who smoke should be prescribed nicotine replacement products.

The team used data from more than 1,100 pregnant smokers at 23 hospitals in England and a smoking cessation service in Scotland to compare pregnancy outcomes. The study concluded that regular use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) during pregnancy does not harm the mother or the baby. Almost half of the participants (47%) used e-cigarettes, and about a fifth (21%) used nicotine patches. They found that e-cigarettes reduce respiratory infections, possibly because their key ingredients have antibacterial effects.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Hajek said: “This trial helps to answer two important questions, one practical and the other related to our understanding of the risks of smoking. E-cigarettes helped pregnant smokers to quit smoking without causing any risks to pregnancy. Compared to quitting smoking without heavy e-cigarette use. “Nicotine. It is safe to use nicotine-containing methods to stop smoking during pregnancy. Harms to pregnancy caused by smoking appear later in pregnancy due to exposure to tobacco smoke and other chemicals. Not nicotine.”

The team measured nicotine levels in saliva at the beginning and end of pregnancy, and collected information on the types of cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy each participant used. Any respiratory symptoms, birth weight and other data about their babies were also recorded at birth.

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Associate researcher Professor Linda Bolt of the University of Edinburgh said: “Doctors, pregnant women and their families have questions about the safety of using nicotine replacement therapy or e-cigarettes during pregnancy. Women who continue to smoke during pregnancy often have difficulty quitting, but products such as nicotine replacement therapy” Or e-cigarettes might help them do that.”

He continued: “These findings suggest that nicotine replacement therapy or vaping can be used as part of a smoking cessation effort without adverse effects. Our findings are reassuring and should provide further important evidence to guide decision-making about smoking cessation during pregnancy.” “.

Women who smoke during pregnancy and use a nicotine replacement product give birth to babies of the same birth weight as women who smoke (smoking only traditional cigarettes). Although babies born to women who did not smoke during pregnancy did not differ in birth weight, whether the women used nicotine replacement products or not. Regular use of nicotine replacement products has not been associated with any harmful effects for mothers or their babies.

Tim Coleman, Professor of Smoking at the University of Nottingham's Pregnancy Research Group, who led the trial recruitment, said: “Smoking during pregnancy is a major public health problem, and nicotine-containing treatments can help pregnant women stop smoking, but some doctors are reluctant to offer treatment.” Nicotine replacement or e-cigarettes during pregnancy.

He added: “This study provides further convincing evidence that chemicals in tobacco, not nicotine, are responsible for the harms associated with smoking, so using nicotine-containing smoking cessation aids is better than continuing to smoke during pregnancy.”

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