A Spanish court is refusing to hear Dani Alves behind closed doors before trials begin on Monday

Written by Hani Abdel Nabi

Thursday, February 01, 2024 at 10:16 PM

A Spanish court declined to prosecute the Brazilian Dani AlvesA former Barcelona player accused of raping a girl inside a closed-door nightclub will not allow the release of photographs or audio recordings of the incident, other than the victim's statements and statements..

CIRCUIT OF COURT NO. 21, rejected the request of the defendant's party to conduct the trial behind closed doors..

According to the Catalan newspaper El Mundo: “With these decisions, the media will be able to follow the trial through an internal broadcast without releasing images or audio recordings from the trial, and the accused will give his statements before the victim is defended. Through a screen with hidden image and sound.”.

On the first day of the trial, scheduled for next Monday, news organizations are allowed to take and publish photos and videos of moments before the trial begins..

At Alves' trial, Barcelona prosecutors demanded that the player be jailed for 9 years, with 10 years under police supervision, and 150,000 euros in compensation for the victim, starting next Monday and continuing until Wednesday. , in which 30 witnesses will testify..

Last week, the prosecution asked the court to hold the trial behind closed doors, saying it was a necessary step to protect the victim's right to privacy and prevent him from being seriously harmed in the presence of the public and the media.

The court refused to release Dani Alves until he posted bail because the public prosecutor described him as a danger to society because he was a non-Spaniard, possessed large amounts of money and had unusual behavior.

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