A news story about a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas

Amid cautious Israeli optimism, Israeli and US media have reported that they have submitted a proposal to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to conclude a deal to release prisoners in Gaza in exchange for a temporary cessation of hostilities.

Israeli Channel 13 reported that – yesterday evening, Monday – Tel Aviv laid out the principles of an agreement consisting of 3 to 4 stages, including changing the position of the army in the Gaza Strip and withdrawing from some areas without ending the fighting.

The proposal put forward by Tel Aviv to Hamas through Qatari and Egyptian mediators included a two-month ceasefire, US website Axios reported, citing two Israeli officials.

According to Israeli officials, there are still 130 prisoners in Gaza, and many more were killed on October 7 or in the following weeks of the war.

Axios said Brett McCurg, an adviser to President Joe Biden, traveled to Egypt on Sunday and will later travel to Qatar to negotiate the release of those held by the opposition. Qatari and Egyptian mediators have been trying for weeks to bridge the gap between the two sides to make progress on finalizing a deal.

U.S. officials told Axios that reaching such an agreement is the only way to end the war in Gaza.

According to the website, Israeli officials said they were awaiting a response from Hamas, but insisted they were cautiously optimistic about making progress in the coming days.

Conditions of Contract

Channel 13 said the deal includes Hamas releasing its remaining women and elderly men as an initial step, although it is unclear if they will all be released at once.

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The channel said the second phase would include the release of younger prisoners and youths, while the third phase would include the release of soldiers and bodies held by Hamas.

Axios cited Israeli officials as saying the deal would include the redeployment of Israeli forces from the main residential areas and the gradual return of Palestinians to their displaced areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials confirmed that the agreement confirms that Tel Aviv will not agree to end the war and agree to the release of all Palestinian prisoners demanded by the Palestinian resistance.

According to Israeli officials, if Hamas agrees to the deal, military operations will decrease in number and intensity after two months.

Citing Israeli sources who had received messages from Tel Aviv mediators over the past few days, the channel appeared more flexible in its demand that ending the war be part of a possible deal.

Earlier Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – during a meeting with families of prisoners in Gaza – said he was working on a deal to free their relatives, but added, “I won't go into the details of it,” Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Families of Israeli prisoners detained in Gaza boycotted a finance committee meeting in the Knesset in Jerusalem yesterday.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas unleashed the “al-Aqsa flood,” after which Israel launched a devastating war on Gaza that, as of yesterday, had left 25,295 martyrs and 63,000 wounded, most of them children and women, according to Palestinian officials. .

During a temporary humanitarian truce that lasted 7 days and ended in early December, Hamas released 105 civilians, including 81 Israelis, 23 Thai citizens and one Filipino, in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. female prisoners and 169 children).

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According to similar media reports and statements by Israeli officials, Tel Aviv estimates that 136 Israelis are still being held in the Gaza Strip.

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