A charity just finished loading food aid onto a ship bound for Gaza in Cyprus

By Yannis Kortoglou and Stamos Brosalis

LARNAGA, Cyprus (Reuters) – Aid workers finished loading relief aid for Gaza onto a ship in Cyprus on Saturday as part of an international effort to set up a sea route to help Palestinians on the brink of starvation.

A sea route for aid between Cyprus and Gaza could be launched earlier this week in a pilot project run by an international charity funded by the United Arab Emirates, the European Commission announced.

The Open Arms ship, owned by a Spanish NGO and very active in rescuing migrants at sea, is docked in the port of Larnaca, a coastal city in Cyprus, about 210 miles northwest of the Gaza Strip.

The ship will be towed by a ship carrying 200 tons of food supplies donated by the World Central Kitchen Foundation, much of which was funded by the United Arab Emirates. It is unclear when the ship will leave Cyprus.

“Within the next 24 hours, the ship will leave Larnaca,” Cyprus President Nicos Christodoulidis, whose government has been trying to establish the corridor for months, told reporters. “I cannot determine the departure date for security reasons.”

A World Central Kitchen spokesman said the ship would depart “as soon as possible when all conditions are favorable”, without going into details.

It takes about 15 hours by sea from Cyprus to Gaza, but this time may take longer as the ship is towing a barge.

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