2024 Let's celebrate Raymond Zabara and Vajdi Mowat

This year saw a group of theatrical works presented on the stage of the Mono Theater in its two halls, the inventory of the year approaching its end and an interview with the theater director about the program of the new season. , Joseon Poulos…

During the holidays, you'll present your autobiography and the comedy “The Girl Who Loved Julio,” a play set in the 1980s and your teenage years. Let's talk about the work based on its title.
This is an autobiography in the eighties. Like my teenage generation, I lived with the voice of romantic Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, I fell in love with him and his voice. It happened by chance when he visited Lebanon in July 1980. Father would cover his advertising campaign, and I would be part of the organizing committee, in Julio's tight circle, and close with him. This incident, and her conversation with me, changed her personality from a shy teenage girl wearing thick glasses, not at peace with her body, to becoming a female broadcaster on Lebanon's only television station. Time, and he became a well-known broadcaster in a program that received Lebanese and cultural figures. I'll have enough of this narrative here and leave the rest of the story to the show, which reflects me and my generation, which intertwines periods of its life with histories of violence and wars. Its declines and wars. Despite everything, we cling to life, dreams and our life decorated by a period of beautiful art, with icons of art including the period of Julio Iglesias at the forefront.

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– The play has been presented before, but today it is presented in a new form and with French director Olivier Sutton. What additions would he introduce to creation?
Earlier, I presented this show in the small hall of the Mono Theatre, which could accommodate sixty people, and our current show is in a large hall and a double space, which means that I, as an actress, move from an intimate space. A spacious venue with a capacity of 260 spectators. It was an inspiration for me to create a new show… from a different perspective, so I asked French director Olivier Sutton to recreate the director's form, and I was curious to know. How a non-local director looks at your history and details from another angle.

In your pursuits, you are interested in participating in French-language theater programs. Are there still Francophone audiences in Lebanon?
French-language theater is part of our theatrical history. Today's avant-garde directors, such as Roger Assaf and the late Jalal Khouri, began with French drama, not forgetting George Shehadeh, who wrote his plays in French. We have a francophone audience devoted to theater and the French language occupies a fair part of our cultural life. So, as a producer, I always think about this piece, as I think about the importance of cultural exchange in getting international shows in French, with the aim of enriching the Lebanese theater and artistic season with these works. I present “The Girl Who Loved Julio” in both languages ​​and on separate days, and I would like to present this work abroad to diaspora and foreign audiences who share cultural aspects.

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Season 2023
How do you envision 2023 without economic problems and security incidents?
It's a season full of local and international performances… visiting and successful youth acts, professional acts and performances, and special occasion and musical performances… however, the theater shines throughout the week and throughout 2023. Everything. This month, in addition to “The Girl Who Loved Julio,” we have Shadi El Habr's “The Hive of Peace” and Dimitri Melki's “Majdara Hamra” featuring Yahya Zafar and Anjo Rayhan. and Brazilian-Lebanese actress Fernanda Barthes presented “Girls” and “Blink”. Starring Fuad Yammin and Cynthia Karam, screenplay and direction by Sarah Abdo and Karim Shipley, Fouad's “A Night in the Light of the Moon” Yammin and Serena Al-Shami, “It's Time to Tell” by Philip Arachtingi, “The Fig Tree” by Reida Taha. , “It Comes Back to Us” by Samar Hanna, “Hegalo” by Yehia Zafar and Abbas Zafar, “Wards and Jasmine” starring Yara Zakhour and Salma Shipley, and “Going and Coming” directed by Hagop Derghokassian, “Going Boeing” directed by Bruno Zara. International adaptation of comedy. This is a quick tour to help me remember 2023. project.

– What about New Year's programming?

The project for 2024 is complete and we have 3 main titles: in February, Yahya Zair will launch three plays, and in March we will pay tribute to Raymond Zabara, restoring four of his plays, four directors who worked with him previously: Gabriel Yammin, Julia Ghazar, Rifat Tarabai and Antoine Ashkar. In the spring, a major event was the world premiere of Waqti Mowat's play “A Wedding Trip for the Cave” in Arabic with Lebanese actors: Aida Sabra, Camille Salama, Bernadette Hadib, Ali Hargas and Lyall Gossin. , in collaboration between Théâtre de la Colline and Théâtre Monod. Personally, I'm participating in February with a musical comedy written and directed by Samar Hanna and dozens of new works covering the year's calendar of theater.

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